Judy Masrud lives in the rolling hills of northwest Wisconsin where she spends her time writing children’s stories,making handcrafted luxury soaps, gardening, and taking care of her two dogs and two cats. She lives with her husband, Kevin and the pets: Bridger, Misty, Lionel, and Tuppence (see Gallery). Her own experiences as a  dog owner are the inspiration for the book  Second Chance – A Tale of  Two Puppies.

Choosing a three-month old German Shepherd puppy for all  the wrong reasons, she later took him to puppy kindergarten and obedience classes. Bridger was the only puppy in the group who had to have a “time out!”  

rough the advice and instruction of the  trainer, Judy learned that most of what she had been doing to try to train Bridger was having either the opposite effect or was simply ineffective.

A year later, after visiting the local animal shelter to  find a companion for  Bridger, a lab-shepherd mix named Misty came to live with the Masruds. Seeing the  many homeless dogs and puppies at the  shelter, and realizing that so many of  them were surrendered because of a lack of education on the part of their owners, Judy decided to write this book.”

Get  essential information about the day-to-day  realities of pet care. Second   Chance – A Tale of Two Puppies is  an entertaining and  informative account of two boys who adopt littermates from the animal shelter. Can Andrew and Matt handle all the responsibilities that come with owning a puppy? Find out!